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The Association runs the social supermarket programme in Greece.  The programme provides material support families that are socio-economically marginalized and who cannot provide the basic necessities to their children. Items such as food, baby formulas, cribs, diapers, linen and blankets, clothing, furniture, books, toys are some of the goods that are located in the social supermarket.  The families are also supported emotionally by the social workers that run the programme. The intent of the programme is to support families so that they, in turn, can support their children.


During the period from 1/1/08 up to and including 31/12/08 the Social Support Department of the Association responded to the requests of 777 families for material support. From the above:

  • 510 (66%) families came to the Association to request assistance on their own initiative

  • 267 (34%) families were referred to the Association for assistance from other agencies and services


Graph 1: Breakdown of How families Approached the Association



As well, from the total number of families,

  • 105 (14%) families relied on the services of the Association for the first time

  • 672 (86 %) families had relied on the services of the Association in previous years.

Graph 2: Percentage of families that have used the services for the first time (red) and those that have used the services in previous years (blue)



The families that were supported had between 1 and 6 children.


The total number of children assisted by the social support department was 2.346.  360 (15%) of these were children that were helped for the first time.


28% of the families that relied on our social support department had more than three children in the family, while 47% were single parent families.


Graph 3: Percentage of Single-Parent Families and Families with More than 3 Children