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Kids Want to Know…



What is a good touch?

When your mom or dad kisses you and gives you hugs and you feel warm and safe.

When you see someone you like and they hug and kiss you and you feel good.


What is a bad touch?

A bad touch is when it hurts.

A bad touch is when someone touches any part of your body that you don’t feel comfortable or want him or her to touch.

A bad touch is when someone asks you to touch, hug or kiss him or her and you don’t want to or you are uncomfortable.

A bad touch is any touch that makes you feel uncomfortable or afraid.

A touch is a bad touch when the person doing it tells you to keep it a secret.

A bad touch is when the person touching you scares you by telling you something bad will happen to you or someone else.


What do I do if I am unsure whether it is a good touch or a bad touch?

Tell your parents or someone you trust.  You can always call SOS 1056 and talk to an adult who can help you.  The call is free from either a mobile phone or from a stationary phone and there is someone there 24 hours a day.  They can’t trace your call and you don’t even have to give them your name.


What should I do if someone touches me and I don’t like it?

You can say “NO, don’t touch me”.  You tell your mom or someone you trust.  Remember that we don’t keep secrets that make us scared from our parents.


What is a good secret?

A good secret is one that makes you feel happy or excited, like when your mom or dad buy you a Christmas gift but won’t tell you what it is.


What is a bad secret?

A bad secret is one that makes you feel bad or uncomfortable or scared.  We don’t keep secrets from our mom and dad.


What do I do if I tell my mom or dad and they don’t believe me; or if I am not comfortable telling one of them?  

If your parents don’t believe you, tell someone else you trust.  Your teacher, your grandparents or a favorite aunt. 


What if I am not comfortable talking to anybody I know?

Call SOS 1056. There are adults there who are trained to help kids like you.  They will listen and give you advice.  The call is free and you can call any time of day or night!